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Difficulty levels

To help you choose your project, we have roughly classified our files by difficulty. You can find the "Three Bears Logo" on the item pages. Of course, you can also filter by difficulty in the category view.


   Level 1 Beginner

Very simple! You can do this even as a complete beginner embroiderer and soon have your finished project in front of you. Detailed embroidery instructions will guide you quickly and easily to success.


  Level 2 Intermediate

Easy with a little bit of pretension! You can do this if you are already a little bit familiar with embroidery of the simplest ITH.

It's not difficult, there are detailed embroidery instructions, but while embroidering there are several steps (lay up fabrics, insert ribbons) before you can admire your finished project.


  Level 3 Advanced

Challenging! For these ITH projects you should already be very familiar with your embroidery machine and embroidering in-the-hoop files. There are always detailed embroidery instructions, of course, but embroidering these projects usually involves several steps and you'll need to concentrate.

For this you will be rewarded with a wonderful and quite extraordinary finished project.