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Bunny's little World

It's here! No, I'm not talking about the weather, which can be so enticing or disappointing when you wake up in the morning. I'm talking about our magical new embroidery file!

Hasi is our new star and also the main character in our new embroidery file "Bunny's little world".

With our embroidery file you can embroider the little bunny in 2 hoop sizes, 13x18 and 16x26.

Hase mit Schlafsack

Hasi is wearing a cute little dress with a little pocket in the front and of course embroidered with a bunny. The dress is also available in 2 hoop sizes. So Hasi mum and Hasi child can go out together. Our embroidery file can be used on all embroidery machines with the appropriate hoop size. 

Zwei Hasen mit Kleid

Aren't they cute?

Mummy Rabbit grabs her pretty embroidered shoulder bag, because mummy and baby are off to the playground today.

"I want one too," cries the little bunny, and of course he gets his own little shoulder bag.

And because it's a bit windy outside today, Mummy ties a little lined scarf around the little one's neck.

And of course Mummy has her own scarf (which also makes a great hair band).

"Mummy, I'm taller than you!" 😀

Together they head to the playground to explore the sandbox, swings and climbing frame and have a great day with all their friends.

But like all adventures, Hasi's has to come to an end, and with a yawn, she makes her way home.

"Mummy, I'm so tired, I want to go to sleep!

To make sure the late sun doesn't disturb the rabbit when he falls asleep, his mummy has prepared a pair of sleeping goggles for him. Not only are they cute to look at, but they are also extremely practical, preventing the rabbit from being blinded when he falls asleep.

And to make sure the bunny is really cosy, he gets a little sleeping bag to snuggle into. Now the bunny is ready to drift off to dreamland 🌛⭐

Hase im Schlafsack

Did you like my little story about the two bunnies? Everything that belongs to the bunny and his mummy is included in the embroidery kit "Bunny's little world". 

As a little surprise, you will receive the sleeping bag for the little bunny as a gift. You can download the design in many machine formats here.

Download Sleeping Bag

And now you will learn how to embroider the sleeping bag.

Hoop the batting, a thin batting and the fabric and embroider the first sequence. You will see 2 small marks on the side next to the border for the sleeping bag.

Now embroider the laughing moon and the stars first.

Cut a piece of fabric measuring 10x6" for the inner bag and fold it in half left to left. place a piece of volume fleece in between.

Now place the folded fabric with the broken edge against the two small marks, with the open sides overlapping the seams evenly. Stitch this piece of fabric to the sleeping bag.

Finally, place a piece of fabric over the whole thing, right side down. The fabric should overlap the embroidered piece by about 1 cm on all sides. Embroider the last sequence.

When the embroidery machine stops, take everything out of the hoop and remove the stabiliser from the back,

Cut out the piece with a 3mm seam allowance, leaving a little overhang at the small opening to make it easier to close later.

Turn the opening through and close it with a few hand stitches.

And bunny's little sleeping bag is finished.

Here the bunny can snuggle up and drift off to sweet dreams.

Have fun with our  new embroidery file and create your own little bunny world!

Best wishes


Author: Tatjana
Tatjana is the creative soul of Stickbär. She often fills her doodle pad with ideas that she later turns into reality. Because she has so many good ideas, it is obvious that she wants to share her creativity with others.  

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Bunnys little world
With this embroidery file you can embroider an adorable little bunny in two hoop sizes. He is really nicely dressed because he is wearing a cute dress, has a scarf tied around his neck and a little shoulder bag. So that he can also spend a cosy night, there are even little sleeping glasses. Welcome to Bunnys little world! The Hasi is available in hoop sizes 5x7“ and 6x10“, for the accessories a smaller hoop size is usually sufficient. Each size consists of the bunny, its cute embroidered and lined little dress, the scarf or hair band (both are possible!), a small lined shoulder bag and the cute embroidered sleeping glasses. You can download a  free embroidery file for the bunny sleeping bag on our blog. Enjoy the design samples from our testers. What is needed: Embroidery thread and stabilizer many different cotton fabric scraps Very thin volume fleece, for example Hobbs Heirloom Cotton Fleece Filler wool Straps for the shoulder bag Elastic band for the sleeping goggles small buttons for the dress Prym turning tool (very helpful!, especially for frame size 13x18)