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Cottage Hearts

Cottage Hearts

Hoop size 5x7" and 6x10"

With our embroidery file you can create 3 different magical vintage hearts.

The love is in the detail - the hearts are intricately embroidered with delicate roses, enchanting forget-me-nots and other beautiful flowers. Whether you fill them with cotton wool or fragrant lavender, these hearts will brighten up your home and bring a smile to your face. And if you add a pretty ribbon, it will be a real eye-catcher!

The turning opening is on the back, here a small seam is sewn in advance with the sewing machine. Otherwise, the hearts are completely embroidered with the embroidery machine.

You can choose between the hoop sizes 13x18 and 16x26 cm (5x7" and 6x10"). Each size contains the embroidery files for 3 different hearts. Of course, we also have a great savings set of both sizes for you.

What is needed:

  • Cotton fabrics for the front and back

  • small colourful fabric scraps

  • Embroidery stabilizer, embroidery thread 40 strength

  • Filling cotton wool or lavender for filling the hearts

  • Ribbon scraps and possibly buttons for decoration

Properties "Cottage Hearts"
Difficulty level: Intermediate
Hoop Size: 5x7", 6x10"
Style: In-the-Hoop
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Hoop size 5x7" (13x18 cm) With this embroidery file you can embroider 3 beautiful romantic flower hearts in vintage style, completely in the hoop. The hearts comes with gentle flower motifs. Fill the hearts with lavender or scenting herbes to make wonderful sachets. If you fill them with poly- fill you can use them as needle cushions or cute pillows for dolls. Add a loop, maybe together with a knob, you can hang it every where you like. You will receive 3 embroidery files for 3 different hearts and you need a 13x18cm embroidery hoop for this file. Of course the file comes with a detailed embroidery instruction in German and English. How they will look when finished, what the real size is and a lot of samples by our testers can be found here. You will need: thread 40 WT tear-away stabilyzer different cotton fabrics Polyfill ribbon

Shabby Rose Wreath
Selection: 5x7"
Hoop size 5x7", 6x10", 7x12". 8x12" and 9x14" With this embroidery file you can embroider 5 different beautiful floral wreaths. Each wreath will look slightly different depending on the hoop size. Our wreath collection comes in different hoop sizes so you can choose the perfect wreath for you.  Whichever size you choose, all the individual flowers are uniform and fit together beautifully. You can use this beautiful wreath to decorate your favourite things: a round cushion, sewn hearts or even a cosmetic bag. The cosmetic bag in our example is the plain version of our Peonybags, hoop size of the bag 8x12"/20x30 cm, hoop size of the wreath 7x12"/18x30 cm.

Vintage Lavender Bags ITH
Hoop size 5x7" (13x18cm) With this file you can embroider 5 different beautiful lavender bags completely in the hoop.The bags come with colorful lavender and rose cross stitch motifs. Best they look when done with 30 cotton thread, but even when done with 40 thread they still look like you made them not with the machine but with your hands.You can fill the bags with lavender flowers. Or you use them for gift packaging, or even as light bag.You can close each bag with a ribbon and make the matching labels from our Labels Collections.The finished bags are about 12.5x17.5 cm, and fit into the 13 x 18 (5x7") cm hoop.All bags have no visible seams and are embroidered very quickly.How they will look when finished, what the real size is and a lot of samples for the Vintage Lavender Bags by our testers can be found here.You will need: Fabrics for front and bag Stabilizer Cotton Embroidery thread 30wt Ribbon or cord for closing the bag

Vintage Lavender
Hoop size 4x4" (10x10cm) With this file you can embroider 5 different rectangular lavender sachets completely in the hoop of your embroidery machine.   These sachets have a nice insertion of tulle (or some other gentle transparent fabric) so one can see the dried lavender flowers and it smells great.   Each lavender sachet has a rich embroidery, partly with tassels that you simply cut off after the embroidery.   When you attach a ribbon to the sachet you can hang them to your clothes hangers, the nightstand, the cabinet door,   You need a hoop of 10x10cm for this embroidery file. How they will look when finished, what the real size is and a lot of samples for the Vintage Lavender by our testers can be found here.  

Cottage Rose Mugrugs
Selection: 6x10"
5x7", 6x10", 7x12", 8x12" With this embroidery file you can make 4 cute cottage mugrugs in Vintage style. The Mug Rugs have a scalloped edge and are decorated differently. Some are quite simple, some are quilted or embroidered with our Cottage Roses or with a center piece rose appliqué.  Best of all, they are made so quickly that you're likely to embroider a whole pile of them. Not only can you decorate the dining table, but they are also great underlays in the kitchen shelf, on the table or in the window. This design is done completely in the hoop. The only thing that you have to close by hand is the opening for turning. You can chose from 4 different sizes, the file is available for the 5x7”,  6x10”, 7x12" and 8x12” embroidery hoops. We have also put together discount packages. How they will look when finished, what the real size is and a lot of samples for Cottage Rose Mugrugs by our testers can be found here. How they will look when finished, what the real size is and a lot of samples for Cottage Rose Mugrugs by our testers can be found here. You will need: Cotton fabrics for the Mugrugs Fabric remnants for the applique Embroidery thread ​Thin batting max. 5mm

Cottage Rose Borders
Selection: 5x7"
13x18, 16x26 and 18x30cm 5x7", 6x10" and 7x12" With this embroidery file you can make enchanting free-standing roses border. In addition to the usual embroidery machine utensils like thread, hoop and fabric you need water soluble stabilizer. When ready the border can be used to decorate a plate rack, as napkin ring, to be put around a jar, as dress finish, pillow edge and many more. For each hoop size you get the files for 2 different borders. Border 1 has a scallop edge and can be embroidered onto fabric of any size, maybe as end of an apron, a dress, a bag. Border 2 has scallop edge on both sides so you can use it for freestanding decoration.  Both borders can be continued to borders of any length, the repeat matches perfectly. therefore you would need a separate border program or your embroidery machine supports this or you do it simply by hand. Each set of borders is available for the 13x18, 16x26 and 18x30cm hoops (5x7”, 6x10” and 7x12"). Chose your preferred size or go for a discounted set. How they will look when finished, what the real size is and a lot of samples for Cottage Rose Borders by our testers can be found here. A detailed instruction in English and German is included.