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Cherry time and a Freebie

It's summer and with it the wonderful time of the harvest. Think of all the delicious things in our garden: sweet strawberries, delicious currants, aromatic blueberries and, of course, crunchy sweet cherries.

I like them best straight from the tree, from the branch to my mouth. No washing, just like that.

Unfortunately we had a very small cherry crop this year, a late frost put a spoke in our wheel, as they say. This made the few fruits we were able to harvest all the more precious.

Sweet cherries, which are completely independent of the weather, I have brought you as a small fine embroidery file. Short and sweet, 4 different embroidery files, all 4 in one collection.

I took advantage of the "Cherry time" and embroidered little doilies. I used the "Table runner" embroidery file as a base. This is perfect for embroidery because there is a lot of space above the quilted centre.

So I placed the little applique on the 8x12" mugrug.