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Flower Bags

Flower Bags

A total of 4 different beautifully embroidered bags, each completely ITH embroidered, you can work with this embroidery file.

They are completely cleanly made on the inside, with no visible seams, and the pocket flap is beautifully and lavishly embroidered with flowers.

The very small pockets (frame size 10x10) are absolutely practical for lipstick or tampons, the pockets in frame size 13x18 offer space for cosmetics, small change and other things, the oblong pocket for the 16x26r frame is the perfect glasses case and the large pocket fits the cosmetics for the weekend trip.

The easiest way to close the flower bags is with Kam Snaps. Of course, you can also sew on a press stud or a small loop.

What is needed:

  • Embroidery thread

  • Embroidery stabilizer to tear away or cut

  • thin volume fleece (cotton fleece) or volume fleece for ironing on H630

  • various matching cotton fabrics

  • Kam Snaps

Properties "Flower Bags"
Difficulty level: Intermediate
Hoop Size: 4x4", 5x7", 6x10", 7x12"
Style: In-the-Hoop
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Matching designs

Shabby Rose Wreath
Selection: 6x10"
Hoop size 5x7", 6x10", 7x12". 8x12" and 9x14" With this embroidery file you can embroider 5 different beautiful floral wreaths. Each wreath will look slightly different depending on the hoop size. Our wreath collection comes in different hoop sizes so you can choose the perfect wreath for you.  Whichever size you choose, all the individual flowers are uniform and fit together beautifully. You can use this beautiful wreath to decorate your favourite things: a round cushion, sewn hearts or even a cosmetic bag. The cosmetic bag in our example is the plain version of our Peonybags, hoop size of the bag 8x12"/20x30 cm, hoop size of the wreath 7x12"/18x30 cm.

Cottage Hearts
Selection: 5x7"
Hoop size 5x7" and 6x10" With our embroidery file you can create 3 different magical vintage hearts. The love is in the detail - the hearts are intricately embroidered with delicate roses, enchanting forget-me-nots and other beautiful flowers. Whether you fill them with cotton wool or fragrant lavender, these hearts will brighten up your home and bring a smile to your face. And if you add a pretty ribbon, it will be a real eye-catcher! The turning opening is on the back, here a small seam is sewn in advance with the sewing machine. Otherwise, the hearts are completely embroidered with the embroidery machine. You can choose between the hoop sizes 13x18 and 16x26 cm (5x7" and 6x10"). Each size contains the embroidery files for 3 different hearts. Of course, we also have a great savings set of both sizes for you. What is needed: Cotton fabrics for the front and back small colourful fabric scraps Embroidery stabilizer, embroidery thread 40 strength Filling cotton wool or lavender for filling the hearts Ribbon scraps and possibly buttons for decoration

Flower Pincushion
Hoop size 5x7" With this embroidery file you can make a beautiful pincushion. It is richly embroidered with flowers and is decorated in the centre with a button that is also embroidered. Almost too good to use, it will enchant your sewing space. It is the perfect blend of functionality and beauty. The pincushion is made from 2 embroidery designs. First you embroider the cushion itself with the beautiful flowers. It is filled with cotton wool and the individual segments are separated with a tear-proof thread. Then comes the rose, perfectly matched to the button blank of 23 mm diameter (o,9“) You simply cut out the fabric around the edge and cover the blank with it. What is needed: Embroidery thread, embroidery stabilizer thin volume fleece for the top of the pincushion Cotton fabric for the top and bottom of the pincushion Fabric remnant for the button Filler wool tear-resistant sewing thread or hand embroidery thread, matching sewing needle Button blank 23 mm (0,9-1“) and matching tool

Cottage Kitchen
Hoop size 13x18 and 16x26 Enter the cottage kitchen and be enchanted by a colourful world of cups and spoons with beautiful flowers and shabby charm.  The cups are appliquéd with beautiful fabrics and then embroidered with beautiful flowers. Of course, your embroidery machine will do it all for you. All you have to do is choose the colour of the fabrics. See our blog post to see how to embroider the flower cup as an appliqué. The embroidery collection includes 2 different cups, each in 3 hoop sizes (10x10, 13x18 and 16x26cm, 4x4", 5x7" and 6x16") and 3 different spoons, each in 2 sizes. The spoons are also embroidered with colourful flowers to match the cups. You can choose between fully embroidered and appliquéd spoons. A spoon with fabric appliqué only, without flowers, is also included. Use your favourite fabrics. In total you will receive 12 different embroidery designs (6 cups and 6 spoons). Take a look at the design examples of our testers here. Watch our embroidery machine stitch the flower cup:

Cottage Kitchen Mugrugs
Selection: 6x10"
Hoop size 6x10", 8x12", 9x14" Three beautiful Mugrugs, perfect for a country kitchen or a Cottage house, you embroider with this embroidery file. The embroidered check pattern is reminiscent of the charm of checkered kitchen towels, and the intricately designed bouquets and scattered flowers are simply a perfect match. If you follow the instructions step by step, you will soon have one of the pretty Mugrugs in your hands. The file is worked exclusively in the embroidery machine. Apart from closing a small turning opening, absolutely no additional work is necessary. You can embroider the Mugrugs in 3 frame sizes: 16x26, 20x30 and 24x36. Each frame size contains 3 embroidery files for 3 different intricately embroidered Mugrugs. Pleace enjoy our design examples What is needed: Embroidery thread soft embroidery fleece for cutting Cotton fabrics for top and back Very thin volume fleece, for example Hobbs Heirloom Cotton fleece Watch our embroidery machine stitching the flowers here

Kitchen Oven Gloves
Selection: 6x10"
Hoop size 6x10", 7x12" and 8x12"  Left and right glove each With our embroidery files you can create beautiful kitchen gloves in no time. You can choose between three charming designs: a cup with flowers, two embroidered spoons or a simple check quilting pattern. The embroidery file contains all three designs. The gloves are neatly lined inside and quilted on the front. With the small loop on the side you can hang them handy on the stove in your kitchen. You can choose between 3 frame sizes. (or grab one of the sets with 2 or all 3 greetings). Hoop size 6x10“: Well suited for larger children's hands, teens and small women's hands. Hoop size 7x12“: Good fit for every woman, even normal man hands can use it Hoop size 8x12“: For large hands The detailed embroidery instructions show you exactly how quick and easy it is. What is needed: Fabrics for the front and back Ribbon or cord for hanging, about 6“ long Embroidery stabilizer for cutting and embroidery thread Volume fleece or Thermolam