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Flower meadow

Flower meadow

5x7", 6x10", 7x12" and 8x12"

The flower meadow depicted in the design is full of colourful blossoms, delicate leaves, and swaying branches. Two bees can be seen dancing across the meadow. The design is both enchanting and cheerful.

This design is available in four hoop sizes:

The flower meadow design is made up of two individual embroidery files for hoop sizes 5x7" and 6x10". These files can be used separately or combined to form the complete design.

For hoop sizes 7x12" and 8x12", there is one embroidery file that contains the complete design.

All embroidery files are free from jump stitches or tension threads between the contours, allowing for a seamless and beautiful finished product. 

Take a look at our tester designs here.


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Vintage Roses
Hoop size 5x7" and 6x10" The enchanting roses in this embroidery file look like hand-embroidered, especially if you use 30 cotton thread. They look very three-dimensional and can be used wonderfuly for vintage embroidery such as pretty pillowcases, doilies, bags, doll clothes and a lot more. Of course, the roses can also be embroidered with normal 40 embroidery thread. In addition to the colored roses, the file contains frisky redwork motifs. Different sizes are included so that the right size is always at hand for many different ideas. With the exception of the 13x18 motif, you need the 10x10cm embroidery hoop for each design.     Click here for many design examples

Selection: 6x10"
13x18, 16x26, 18x30 (5x7", 6x10", 7x12") The motifs are embroidered super fast and easy, no color changes and jump stitches or tension threads!. So every embroidery is a real pleasure. You will receive 2 embroidery files for each hoop size: - the little strawberry, which is the same size in every variant - the large strawberry that completely fills the respective embroidery hoop How they will look when finished, what the real size is and a lot of samples by our testers can be found here.  

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4x4" hoop This enchanting collection comes with 3 embroidery files for spring.The bunnies are embroidered once, as a redwork and as an appliqué, they are each different in size, but they all fit in the 10x10 embroidery hoop.. How they will look when finished, what the real size is and a lot of samples for the Spring Bunny by our testers can be found here.

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Hoop size 4x4" (Bunny) and 5x7" (Wreath) With this embroidery file you can embroider a little bunny and his carrot. For this file you need the 4x4" hoop.In addition you get the bunny within a willow catkin wreath for the 5x7" hoop and the same file as raw edge applique (wreath) where the fabric should fray out a bit on the edges. This is an effect that we want here. In total you get 3 embroidery files.How they will look when finished, what the real size is and a lot of samples for the Bunny Funny by our testers can be found here.