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Bunny Meadow

Bunny Meadow

Hoop sizes 5x7", 6x10" and 7x12

The beautiful flower meadow with the adorable bunny appliqué can be embroidered in several sizes.

The bunny is always openwork, which means that the edges protrude a few millimetres. I have used wool felt here, which gives the rabbit an even cozier look. But regular fabric or plush would work just as well.

In the hoop size 5x7" you get 4 different embroidery designs, from the first 3 designs you can assemble the whole meadow, one after the other. The 4th design in this hoop size is a smaller "slimmed down" meadow with rabbits.

In the 6x10" and 7x12" hoop sizes you get a complete meadow with bunnies in the corresponding size.

Properties "Bunny Meadow"
Difficulty level: Beginner
Hoop Size: 5x7", 6x10", 7x12"
Style: Doodle
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Selection: 7x12"
5x7", 6x10", 7x12" and 8x12" The flower meadow depicted in the design is full of colourful blossoms, delicate leaves, and swaying branches. Two bees can be seen dancing across the meadow. The design is both enchanting and cheerful. This design is available in four hoop sizes: The flower meadow design is made up of two individual embroidery files for hoop sizes 5x7" and 6x10". These files can be used separately or combined to form the complete design. For hoop sizes 7x12" and 8x12", there is one embroidery file that contains the complete design. All embroidery files are free from jump stitches or tension threads between the contours, allowing for a seamless and beautiful finished product.  Take a look at our tester designs here.  

Feltflower    You can make 5 different colorful flowers and 5 different leaves with this embroidery file. 1-1.5 mm Wool Felt is the best material. It should not be thicker than that because the flowers are multi- layered and would get too thick. Additionally you will find 2 flowers made with the chenille technique also known as stitch and slash. The base is made out of felt and the layers out of cottons which are cut after sewing to produce a frayed chenille look. Last but not least you will receive an embroidery file for a bird with wiggly legs. All of the files are for the 10 x 10 frame. For each technique you will receive a very detailed step by step photo instructions in English and German so making those awesome flowers and a bird will be a child's play! The flowers can very easily be made into brooches. There is a detailed instruction for this transormation as well.  Designs and sizes please click     Graphics from Kasia from Mäde!-Designs by Kasia, many thanks!

Flower Doodles
10x10 13x18cm This embroidery file comes with 2 beautiful detailed flowers. Both designs for one price. This beautiful flower designs look wonderful as the center of blankets, pillows, placemats, jeans or more. With always different color combinations, sometimes tone on tone, sometimes in tender pastel, sometimes in fiery reds, your flowers will always look different. How they will look when finished, what the real size is and a lot of samples for the Flower Doodles by our testers can be found here.

Flower Bunny Button
4x4" 5x7" and 6x10"10x10, 13x18 and 16x26cm Isn't the Bunny and their friends enchanting amongst all the roses? Butterflies are around him, a little bird is looking at him and roses are all over.The gentle embroidery motif is so filigree. You should embroider it onto baby clothes, kid skirt, the kindergarten bag or the security blanket.The Button Applique is a raw edge applique where the fabric should fray a bit on the edges. This is an effect that we want here. The bunny, butterflies, bird and the roses are embroidered in full.With this embroidery file you get a set of 3 buttons in 10x10, 13x18 and 16x26cm. All for one price.How they will look when finished, what the real size is and a lot of samples for the Flower Bunny Button by our testers can be found here.

Flower Shoppe Mugrug
Selection: 5x7"
A wonderful little flower store with flowers (of course) a flower garland and the little Bird is waiting for you. The store is open so please come in. With this embroidery file you can make a wonderful Mug-rug in the form of a nostalgic flower store. If you attach two hanging loops on top, you will have a wonderful wall hanging for your door. You can choose between 3 sizes: 13x18, 16x26 or 20x30 cm. (5x7”, 6x10” and 8x12”)  Please select from the drop down above. The finished Mug-Rug will have these approximate measurements. Find here ideas and inspiration in our Design examples. The files come with a picture-rich embroidery and sewing instruction in German and English language. What you need: Embroidery threa d40 Tearaway stabilizer batting(H640 or Thermolam) fabrics for the house, rooftop and backside, and for the appliquees