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Christmas Mouse

Christmas Mouse

Emboideryfile 4x4" + ITH bag 5x7"

With this embroidery file you can embroider a cute little bag with a Christmas Mouse motiv, completely in the hoop of your embroidery machine.

For this project you need the 5x7" hoop.

In addition you get the same Christmas Mouse as a plain embroidery file for the 4x4" hoop, just for free use.

The finished bag is about 12.5x17.5cm, and fits into the 13x18cm hoop. It have no visible seams and is embroidered very quickly. There is only a small opening left to turn the Bag after embroidering.

This opening can be closed with little manual stitches or even faster with textile glue.

How the files will look when finished, what their real size is and a lot of samples for the Christmas Mouse by our testers can be found here.

All you need is

  • Cotton fabric
  • stabilyzer
  • embroidery thread

Properties "Christmas Mouse"
Difficulty level: Intermediate
Hoop Size: 4x4", 5x7"
Style: In-the-Hoop
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Tolle Datei!!! Vielen Dank!

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Christmas Stockings 2023
Hoop size 5x7", 6x10", 7x12", 8x12", 9x14" With this embroidery file you can embroider a magical Christmas stocking with your embroidery machine. It is embroidered with two pixies and a cute mushroom garland. It is fully lined, giving it a certain "stand" so that small and large gifts can be stowed safely and securely inside. Of course, it also makes a beautiful decoration at Christmas time when unfilled. Even the very small boot in the 13x18 hoop is big enough for little surprises. You can fit a lot into the big stockings. And if you embroider several sizes, they look magical hanging next to each other.The Christmas Stockings are neatly finished inside and out, there are no annoying seams to be seen and they are also finished quite quickly. What is needed: Fabrics for the outside and inside Fabric remnants  Tear-off stabiliser thin volume fleece (0.5 cm) Embroidery thread approx. 20 cm ribbon each for hanging

Flower Boots
Hoop Size 4x4" and 5x7" These enchanting boots, filled with a bouquet of flowers, can be embroidered in 2 hoop sizes and 2 variations. Variant 1: the boot is completely embroidered Variant 2: the boot is embroidered as a doodle appliqué so that the edges of the fabric can peek out a little from the border. This gives the embroidery a very special look. Both versions are included in each hoop size. Take a look at what our testers have conjured up from the embroidery files.

Freebie Ice Skate
This enchanting Ice Skate embroidery design is suitable for the 4x4" embroidery hoop. Have fun embroidering! You can download the embroidery file here:  -> DOWNLOAD      

Freebie Winter Wreath
This enchanting filigree fir wreath with cones is suitable for the 5x7" embroidery hoop. Have fun embroidering! You can download the embroidery file here:  -> DOWNLOAD    

Heart to Heart Mugrugs
Hoop size 16x10", 7x12", 8x12" and 9x14" With this embroidery file you can embroider 2 different enchanting Mugrugs, completely in the Hoop. The mugrugs consist of 2 hearts lying on top of each other, once completely in one fabric, here the quilted lines all to itself. The other mugrug is worked with 2 different fabrics. Each heart can be worked in its own fabric and quilted with a separate color. The mugrugs are quick and very easy to embroider. The detailed embroidery instructions show you exactly how to step, so that after a short time you will have your own beautiful heart-to-heart mugrug. Take a look at the design examples from our testers here. What is needed: - Fabrics for the front and back - soft embroidery cot out stabilizer - soft thin volume fleece for the inside, I use Hobbs Heirloom Quilting fleece - embroidery thread that matches the color of the outer fabric

Little Mouse Wreath
Hoop size 5x7", 6x10", 8x12"  Embroider a charming wreath in 3 hoop sizes with this embroidery file. A cute little mouse is sitting on the wicker wreath and is in the process of knitting a cosy scarf. Around the wreath are cute little accessories to help the mouse with her needlework hobbies, such as a tiny pincushion, scissors, buttons and a spool of thread.

Mandala Doilys
Hoop Size 6x10", 7x12", 8x12" and 9x14" With this embroidery file you can embroider 4 different pretty round doilies or mugrugs.  The mugrugs are embroidered with beautiful mandala-style quilt patterns. The fabric comes into its own in the spaces in between. Please use an embroidery thread for the quilting stitches that matches the colour of the fabric exactly, so that the stitches are not visible and everything looks wonderfully three-dimensional. Depending on their size, the round doilies make charming cup coasters, place mats for breakfast, decorations on the windowsill or cute little round cushions filled with a little fibre.  You have a choice of 4 different Hoop Sizes.  What is needed:  ·      Fabric for the front and back of the mug rug ·      embroidery thread in matching colour ·      soft, thin volume fleece (e.g. Hobbs Heirloom Cotton fleece) ·      Soft embroidery stabiliser for cutting

Pennants Blank
Hoop size 5x7", 6x10", 7x12", 8x12" and 9x14" With this embroidery file you can embroider a pretty pennant in 5 different Hoop Sizes, completely in the Hoop. The pennants have plenty of space and are therefore wonderfully suitable for embroidering with a wide variety of embroidery motifs. The rectangular area is quilted with a check pattern, the different coloured scalloped edge at the bottom of the pennant is a wonderful accent. The embroidery file is available in 5 different Hoop Size. The embroideries inside that can be seen in the pictures are not part of the file. But of course you can use all your favourite embroidery motifs here. What is needed: Fabrics for the front and back and the scalloped edge Embroidery stabilizer Embroidery thread Soft thin volume fleece, e.g. Hobby Heirloom Quilting Cotton Fleece Ribbon remnants as additional suspension

Rabbit Love
Hoop size 4x4" and 5x7" There's always something going on with the Hare family. Mummy Rabbit and Daddy Rabbit look after their playing baby rabbit. The butterflies flutter around happily. The rabbit baby has stacked up the large drum cans and is sure to knock them over with a loud whoop. The bunting flutters merrily in the wind. The  Rabbit Love" designs are available in 2 hoop sizes, both sizes contain 8 embroidery files. Of course there is also a set with both sizes. You can see all the beautiful things you can conjure up with the embroidery files here Design examples of our sample stickers.  

Santa's washing line
Hoop size 5x7", 6x10" and 7x12" With these enchanting embroidery designs you can effortlessly transform something simple into something wonderful. The embroidery file "Santa's washing line" is a real eye-catcher and adds a Nordic touch to cushion covers, mug rugs and many other projects. The embroidery file is available in 3 different hoop sizes. Each size is slightly different because there is an extra piece of fabric hanging on the line. Take a look at what our testers have created with the embroidery designs here.

Scandinavian Christmas Applique
Hoop size 5x7" Bring Nordic flair into your home with these enchanting appliqués. The dwarfs, stars, candles and more exude Scandinavian joie de vivre and create a cosy atmosphere. You will need a 13x18 cm hoop to embroider these designs.

Scandinavian Christmas Time
Hoop size 4x4" Bring the magic of the North into your projects with these nine enchanting embroidery designs in Scandinavian style. Of course you can't do without the elves, but dotted hearts, Mrs Goose, a pig and toadstools will also enchant your Christmas projects.  


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5x7" / 13x18cm With our embroidery file "Winter Hearts" you can create something special - something that you have made yourself. With this file you can easily embroider five different hearts - perfect for the Christmas season.Fill the hearts with batting or Christmas potpourris and hang them decoratively. It's a great way to bring Christmas cheer into your home.The embroidery file is perfect for all those who like to make Christmas gifts themselves. Thanks to the detailed embroidery instructions, stitching the winter hearts is quick and easy.You can make lots of beautiful winter embroidered hearts in no time. The finished hearts are approx. 12 x 17 cm in size.How they look when finished, what the real size is and a lot of samples for  the Winterhearts by our testers can be found here.You will need:fabric battingembroidery stabilizerembroidery threadribbon, about 15 cm per heart

Christmas Cones
Hoop Sizes 5x7", 6x10", 7x12" (8x11)With this file you can embroider 4 different Cornet Bags for Christmas completely in the hoop of your embroidery machine.The cones are very stable so that even the bigger and heavier presents will hold well in it. Of course you can just hang it as a wonderful decoration in Christmas time without filling it.This design is done completely in the hoop. The only thing that you have to close by hand is the opening for turning.Use your favourite fabrics.How the hearts will look when finished, what the real size is and a lot of samples for the Christmas Cones by our testers can be found here.Here is what you need:embroidery threadcut out embroidery stabilizercotton fabrics for the stockingsribbon or clothespins to hang up

Christmas Hearts
Hoop size 5x7" 13x18 cm With this Embroidery Design Collection you can make 4 different beautiful  filled hearts.The designs look like sketches scribbled on a napkin. The fringed edges of the raw edge appliqué add to the sketched effect.The embroidery file consists of 4 designs for the 13x18 (5"x7") embroidery hoop.Exact sizes of each design and many design examples and inspirations can be found here. What you will needfabrics for the front and backsidefabric remnants for the appliquétear away embroidery stabilizerembroidery threadpolyester stuffingribbon 

Christmas Cornet Bags
5x7" + 6x10" With this embroidery file you can make a total of 5 christmas bags: 2 different rectangle gift bags and 3 different Cornet Bags. They are done completely in the hoop of your embroidery machine. Close the rectangle bags with a ribbon, attach a loop to the cornet bags and hang them up.The bags come with colorful nostalgic cross stitch motifs. When done with cotton thread the look like made by hand.All bags are fully lined, have no visible seams and are embroidered very quickly.The finished rectangle bags are about 12.5 x 17.5cm, and fit into the 13x18cm hoop. The Cornet Bags are about 25x12cm and fit in the 16x26cm hoop.How they will look when finished, what the real size is and a lot of samples for the Christmas Bags by our testers can be found here. You will need: Fabrics for in and outside of the bag Stabilizer Cotton Embroidery thread Ribbon or cord for closing the bag thin batting for the cornet bags    

Variants from €6.00*
Kitchen Oven Gloves
Hoop size 6x10", 7x12" and 8x12"  Left and right glove each With our embroidery files you can create beautiful kitchen gloves in no time. You can choose between three charming designs: a cup with flowers, two embroidered spoons or a simple check quilting pattern. The embroidery file contains all three designs. The gloves are neatly lined inside and quilted on the front. With the small loop on the side you can hang them handy on the stove in your kitchen. You can choose between 3 frame sizes. (or grab one of the sets with 2 or all 3 greetings). Hoop size 6x10“: Well suited for larger children's hands, teens and small women's hands. Hoop size 7x12“: Good fit for every woman, even normal man hands can use it Hoop size 8x12“: For large hands The detailed embroidery instructions show you exactly how quick and easy it is. What is needed: Fabrics for the front and back Ribbon or cord for hanging, about 6“ long Embroidery stabilizer for cutting and embroidery thread Volume fleece or Thermolam

Missis Piggy
Hoop Sizes 5x7" and 6x10" With this Embroidery file you can make  a cute little Piggy. This design is done completely in the hoop. The only thing that you have to close by hand is the opening for turning on the backside. You can chose from 2 different hoop sizes.  Here is what you need: embroidery thread cut out embroidery stabilizer cotton fabrics for the stockings